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Real Estate & Interior Design Photography

I studied architecture at IUAV, University of Venice, one of the best schools for design in the world, under the guidance of Aldo Rossi, Vittorio Gregotti, Renzo Piano, Mario Botta e Paolo Portoghesi. Together with architecture and interior design, I studied art history and photography, which are my main interests.
Through interior photography, I developed a clean style aiming to conveying the designers’ emotions and the atmospheres they were searching for.
Over the years, I perfected a technique that allows me to work with as much natural light as possible, and small portable lights. When at work, I am fast and I don’t need any specific technical support. I don’t use light systems that can be cumbersome or dangerous in any way. Furthermore, I like to be precise, responsible and not messy. I usually leave the place in a few hours and as I found it.

Price for property photo shooting (single property):

8            £ 65

12         £ 85

16         £ 105

20         £ 125

30         £ 175