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Rob Venom

Italian, artist, passionate and in love with beauty and luxury. Attentive to details, art collector and art books’ fanatic.
My development started since childhood in a family of artists and art lovers. I then studied Arts and Architecture in the prestigious Faculty of Architecture in Venice. I love photography and everyday I devote time to learn more about it.

After almost 30 years spent around the world, working in communication and visual advertisement for prestigious international fashion and luxury brands, I decided to move to London due the energy and the absolute internationality that makes this city unique.

Professional photographer since 1986 working almost exclusively with portraits or fashion and luxury advertisements where it is fundamental to bring emotions and passion.

My CV is various and lengthy, I have been working with the most prestigious agencies in the fashion industry, with the best advertising agencies and with the most important models management agencies. I directed communication and media for various stylists; some of them became good friends over the years. I have been the founder and managing director of a large advertisement agency in Italy where we followed many international clients in different sectors with a large focus on luxury brands and wellness industry.
I collaborate with multiple Italian manufacturers that produce children’s fashion clothes.

My fine art work was shown in Europe is present in the permanent collection of the Museo GO! Ronco arte (Brescia – Italy) and Castello di Rivara (Torino – Italy). I published art books for the Italian government.